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  Bladder Cancer, January 2018

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  1. PENG F, Li H, Xiao H, Li L, et al
    Identification of a three miRNA signature as a novel potential prognostic biomarker in patients with bladder cancer.
    Oncotarget. 2017;8:105553-105560.
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  2. HO JN, Kang M, Lee S, Oh JJ, et al
    Anticancer effect of S-allyl-L-cysteine via induction of apoptosis in human bladder cancer cells.
    Oncol Lett. 2018;15:623-629.
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    Discovering urinary bladder cancer risk variants: Status quo after almost ten years of genome-wide association studies.
    EXCLI J. 2017;16:1288-1296.
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  4. SUNDAHL N, Rottey S, De Maeseneer D, Ost P, et al
    Pembrolizumab for the treatment of bladder cancer.
    Expert Rev Anticancer Ther. 2017 Dec 29:1-8. doi: 10.1080/14737140.2018.1421461.
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  5. AFSHARMOGHADAM N, Haghighatian Z, Mazdak H, Mirkheshti N, et al
    Concentration- Dependent Effects of Curcumin on 5-Fluorouracil Efficacy in Bladder Cancer Cells
    Asian Pac J Cancer Prev. 2017;18:3225-3230.
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  6. NEOH CA, Wu WT, Dai GF, Su JH, et al
    Flaccidoxide-13-Acetate Extracted from the Soft Coral Cladiella kashmani Reduces Human Bladder Cancer Cell Migration and Invasion through Reducing Activation of the FAK/PI3K/AKT/mTOR Signaling Pathway.
    Molecules. 2017;23.
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  7. GUERCIO V, Turati F, Bosetti C, Polesel J, et al
    Bladder cancer risk in users of selected drugs for cardiovascular disease prevention.
    Eur J Cancer Prev. 2017 Dec 26. doi: 10.1097/CEJ.0000000000000419.
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  8. ZHANG Q, Wang W, Xu W, DU M, et al
    Genetic Variations in the 3'-untranslated Regions of Genes Involved in the Cell Cycle and Apoptosis Pathways Affect Bladder Cancer Risk.
    Cancer Genomics Proteomics. 2018;15:67-72.
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  9. SIRACUSANO S, D'Elia C, Cerruto MA, Saleh O, et al
    Quality of Life in Patients with Bladder Cancer Undergoing Ileal Conduit: A Comparison of Women Versus Men.
    In Vivo. 2018;32:139-143.
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  10. LEE YH, Yeh CH
    Laminar shear stress inhibits high glucose-induced migration and invasion in human bladder cancer cells.
    In Vitro Cell Dev Biol Anim. 2017 Dec 22. pii: 10.1007/s11626-017-0217.
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  11. SUSSMAN RD, Han CJ, Marchalik D, Carvahlo FL, et al
    To oophorectomy or not to oophorectomy: Practice patterns among urologists treating bladder cancer.
    Urol Oncol. 2017 Dec 19. pii: S1078-1439(17)30606.
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  12. JUNG YL, Tompa E, Longo C, Kalcevich C, et al
    The Economic Burden of Bladder Cancer due to Occupational Exposure.
    J Occup Environ Med. 2017 Dec 21. doi: 10.1097/JOM.0000000000001242.
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  13. LI B, Xie F, Zheng FX, Jiang GS, et al
    Overexpression of CircRNA BCRC4 regulates cell apoptosis and MicroRNA-101/EZH2 signaling in bladder cancer.
    J Huazhong Univ Sci Technolog Med Sci. 2017;37:886-890.
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  14. PRICE L, Glynn P, Zarkar A
    Interstitial lung disease secondary to Cetuximab in bladder cancer: an Oncologist's perspective.
    BMJ Case Rep. 2017;2017.
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  15. PAVANELLO S, Carta A, Mastrangelo G, Campisi M, et al
    Relationship between Telomere Length, Genetic Traits and Environmental/Occupational Exposures in Bladder Cancer Risk by Structural Equation Modelling.
    Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2017;15.
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  16. SAADI A, Bouzouita A, Rebai MH, Cherif M, et al
    Superselective embolisation of bilateral superior vesical arteries for management of intractable hematuria in context of metastatic bladder cancer.
    Asian J Urol. 2017;4:131-134.
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  17. OKHOLM TLH, Nielsen MM, Hamilton MP, Christensen LL, et al
    Circular RNA expression is abundant and correlated to aggressiveness in early-stage bladder cancer.
    NPJ Genom Med. 2017;2:36.
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  18. LIU D, Abbosh P, Keliher D, Reardon B, et al
    Mutational patterns in chemotherapy resistant muscle-invasive bladder cancer.
    Nat Commun. 2017;8:2193.
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  19. DHAINI HR, El Hafi B, Khamis AM
    NAT1 genotypic and phenotypic contribution to urinary bladder cancer risk: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Drug Metab Rev. 2017 Dec 19:1-12. doi: 10.1080/03602532.2017.1415928.
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  20. KANDEMIRLI SG, Dikici AS, Nurili F, Tutar O, et al
    Bladder cancer in an inguinal vesical hernia.
    J Med Ultrason (2001). 2017 Dec 18. pii: 10.1007/s10396-017-0854.
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  21. HURST CD, Knowles MA
    Bladder cancer: Multi-omic profiling refines the molecular view.
    Nat Rev Clin Oncol. 2017 Dec 19. pii: nrclinonc.2017.
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  22. MATSUMOTO K, Tabata KI, Hirayama T, Shimura S, et al
    Robot-assisted laparoscopic radical cystectomy is a safe and effective procedure for patients with bladder cancer compared to laparoscopic and open surgery: Perioperative outcomes of a single-center experience.
    Asian J Surg. 2017 Dec 15. pii: S1015-9584(17)30518.
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  23. BOOTH CM, Karim S, Brennan K, Siemens DR, et al
    Perioperative chemotherapy for bladder cancer in the general population: Are practice patterns finally changing?
    Urol Oncol. 2017 Dec 15. pii: S1078-1439(17)30603.
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  24. XU X, Li J, Zhu Y, Xie B, et al
    CRISPR-ON-Mediated KLF4 overexpression inhibits the proliferation, migration and invasion of urothelial bladder cancer in vitro and in vivo.
    Oncotarget. 2017;8:102078-102087.
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  25. KLITON J, Polgar C, Tenke P, Kovacs G, et al
    [Image-guided radiotherapy for muscle invasive bladder cancer with intravesical lipiodol injection. A new option for bladder sparing treatment].
    Orv Hetil. 2017;158:2041-2047.
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  26. CIAMPORCERO E, Daga M, Pizzimenti S, Roetto A, et al
    Crosstalk between Nrf2 and YAP contributes to maintaining the antioxidant potential and chemoresistance in bladder cancer.
    Free Radic Biol Med. 2017 Dec 14. pii: S0891-5849(17)31237.
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  27. WANG Z, Que H, Suo C, Han Z, et al
    Evaluation of the NMP22 BladderChek test for detecting bladder cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Oncotarget. 2017;8:100648-100656.
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  28. KO K, Jeong CW, Kwak C, Kim HH, et al
    Significance of Ki-67 in non-muscle invasive bladder cancer patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Oncotarget. 2017;8:100614-100630.
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  29. CHAN OTM, Furuya H, Pagano I, Shimizu Y, et al
    Association of MMP-2, RB and PAI-1 with decreased recurrence-free survival and overall survival in bladder cancer patients.
    Oncotarget. 2017;8:99707-99721.
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  30. XIAOQIANG L, Xuerong Z, Juan L, Mathew BS, et al
    Efficacy of pudendal nerve block for alleviation of catheter-related bladder discomfort in male patients undergoing lower urinary tract surgeries: A randomized, controlled, double-blind trial.
    Medicine (Baltimore). 2017;96:e8932.
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  31. TOUZANI MA, Yddoussalah O
    [Cavernous metastasis from blader tumor].
    Pan Afr Med J. 2017;28:60.
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  32. SAXE JS
    Ann Intern Med. 2017;167:828-829.
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  33. DAVIDSSON S, Andren O, Ohlson AL, Carlsson J, et al
    FOXP3+ regulatory T cells in normal prostate tissue, postatrophic hyperplasia, prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia, and tumor histological lesions in men with and without prostate cancer.
    Prostate. 2017 Nov 6. doi: 10.1002/pros.23442.
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  34. INOUE A, Maeda S, Kinoshita R, Tsuboi M, et al
    Density of tumor-infiltrating granzyme B-positive cells predicts favorable prognosis in dogs with transitional cell carcinoma.
    Vet Immunol Immunopathol. 2017;190:53-56.
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  35. CHARGARI C, Martelli H, Guerin F, Bacorro W, et al
    Pulsed-dose rate brachytherapy for pediatric bladder prostate rhabdomyosarcoma: Compliance and early clinical results.
    Radiother Oncol. 2017;124:285-290.
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  36. INAMURA K, Kobayashi M, Nagano H, Sugiura Y, et al
    A novel fusion of HNRNPA1-ALK in inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor of urinary bladder.
    Hum Pathol. 2017;69:96-100.
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  37. DIETRICH F, Figueiro F, Filippi-Chiela EC, Cappellari AR, et al
    Ecto-5'-nucleotidase/CD73 contributes to the radiosensitivity of T24 human bladder cancer cell line.
    J Cancer Res Clin Oncol. 2018 Jan 5. pii: 10.1007/s00432-017-2567.
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  38. YU Z, Yue W, Jiuzhi L, Youtao J, et al
    The risk of bladder cancer in patients with urinary calculi: a meta-analysis.
    Urolithiasis. 2018 Jan 5. pii: 10.1007/s00240-017-1033.
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  39. WU S, Ye J, Wang Z, Lin SX, et al
    Expression of aromatase in tumor related stroma is associated with human bladder cancer progression.
    Cancer Biol Ther. 2018 Jan 5:0. doi: 10.1080/15384047.2017.1414762.
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  40. COLLINS SD, Leech MM
    A review of plan library approaches in adaptive radiotherapy of bladder cancer.
    Acta Oncol. 2018 Jan 4:1-8. doi: 10.1080/0284186X.2017.1420908.
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  41. ROSAS S, Sabeh K, Kurowicki J, Buller L, et al
    National use of total hip arthroplasty among patients with a history of breast, lung, prostate, colon or bladder cancer-an analysis of the Medicare population.
    Ann Transl Med. 2017;5.
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  42. SEGOVIA C, Paramio JM
    Ezh2-dependent therapies in bladder cancer: synthetic lethality.
    Ann Transl Med. 2017;5:494.
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  43. JUENGEL E, Najafi R, Rutz J, Maxeiner S, et al
    HDAC inhibition as a treatment concept to combat temsirolimus-resistant bladder cancer cells.
    Oncotarget. 2017;8:110016-110028.
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  44. LIAO XZ, Tao LT, Liu JH, Gu YY, et al
    Matrine combined with cisplatin synergistically inhibited urothelial bladder cancer cells via down-regulating VEGF/PI3K/Akt signaling pathway.
    Cancer Cell Int. 2017;17:124.
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  45. ZHANG L, Xu J, Yang G, Li H, et al
    miR-202 inhibits cell proliferation, migration, and invasion by targeting EGFR in human bladder cancer.
    Oncol Res. 2018 Jan 3. doi: 10.3727/096504018X15149787144385.
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  46. THOMA C
    Bladder cancer: IMvigor211 trial outcomes reported.
    Nat Rev Urol. 2018 Jan 3. pii: nrurol.2017.225. doi: 10.1038/nrurol.2017.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  47. THOMA C
    Bladder cancer: Chemotherapy and checkpoint blockade.
    Nat Rev Urol. 2018 Jan 3. pii: nrurol.2017.224. doi: 10.1038/nrurol.2017.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  48. THOMA C
    Bladder cancer: Activity and safety of avelumab in JAVELIN.
    Nat Rev Urol. 2018 Jan 3. pii: nrurol.2017.227. doi: 10.1038/nrurol.2017.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  49. ZUIVERLOON TCM, de Jong FC, Theodorescu D
    Clinical Decision Making in Surveillance of Non-Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer: The Evolving Roles of Urinary Cytology and Molecular Markers.
    Oncology (Williston Park). 2017;31.
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  50. KIM SJ, Koo PJ, Pak K, Kim IJ, et al
    Diagnostic accuracy of C-11 choline and C-11 acetate for lymph node staging in patients with bladder cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
    World J Urol. 2018 Jan 2. pii: 10.1007/s00345-017-2168.
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  51. HARSHMAN LC, Tripathi A, Kaag M, Efstathiou JA, et al
    Contemporary Patterns of Multidisciplinary Care in Patients With Muscle-invasive Bladder Cancer.
    Clin Genitourin Cancer. 2017 Dec 6. pii: S1558-7673(17)30364.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  52. ROSE TL, Lotan Y
    Advancements in optical techniques and imaging in the diagnosis and management of bladder cancer.
    Urol Oncol. 2017 Dec 26. pii: S1078-1439(17)30602.
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  53. YOSHIDA T, Kates M, Sopko NA, Liu X, et al
    Ex vivo culture of tumor cells from N-methyl-N-nitrosourea-induced bladder cancer in rats: Development of organoids and an immortalized cell line.
    Urol Oncol. 2017 Dec 26. pii: S1078-1439(17)30618.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  54. ALJABERY F, Olsson H, Gimm O, Jahnson S, et al
    M2-macrophage infiltration and macrophage traits of tumor cells in urinary bladder cancer.
    Urol Oncol. 2017 Dec 26. pii: S1078-1439(17)30608.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  55. OSTERMAN CK, Alanzi J, Lewis JD, Kaufman EL, et al
    Association Between Symptomatic Versus Asymptomatic Recurrence and Survival in Bladder Cancer.
    Clin Genitourin Cancer. 2017 Dec 6. pii: S1558-7673(17)30361.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  56. NKWAM N, Trecarten S, Momcilovic S, Bazo AE, et al
    Isolated red patches seen during endoscopic surveillance of bladder cancer - when should we biopsy?
    J Endourol. 2017 Dec 29. doi: 10.1089/end.2017.0744.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  57. GOLABEK T, Socha K, Kudelski J, Darewicz B, et al
    Chromium in urothelial carcinoma of the bladder.
    Ann Agric Environ Med. 2017;24:602-605.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  58. HEIN DW, Zhang X, Doll MA
    Role of N-acetyltransferase 2 acetylation polymorphism in 4, 4'-methylene bis (2-chloroaniline) biotransformation.
    Toxicol Lett. 2018;283:100-105.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  59. ARIAS-STELLA JA 3RD, Shah AB, Gupta NS, Williamson SR, et al
    CK20 and p53 Immunohistochemical Staining Patterns in Urinary Bladder Specimens With Equivocal Atypia.
    Arch Pathol Lab Med. 2018;142:64-69.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  60. YANG G, Wang Z, Liu S, Wu F, et al
    A Rare Case of Urachal Carcinoma Metastatic to Thoracic Vertebra Detected by FDG PET/CT.
    Clin Nucl Med. 2017 May 5. doi: 10.1097/RLU.0000000000001680.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  61. ROY SG, Parida GK, Tripathy S, Singhal A, et al
    In Vivo Demonstration of PSMA Expression in Adenocarcinoma Urinary Bladder Using 68Ga-PSMA 11 PET/CT.
    Clin Nucl Med. 2017 May 6. doi: 10.1097/RLU.0000000000001683.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  62. YANG AW, Pooli A, Lele SM, Kim IW, et al
    Lymphoepithelioma-like, a variant of urothelial carcinoma of the urinary bladder: a case report and systematic review for optimal treatment modality for disease-free survival.
    BMC Urol. 2017;17:34.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  63. TAN WS, Lamb BW, Sridhar A, Briggs TP, et al
    A comprehensive guide to perioperative management and operative technique for robotic cystectomy with intracorporeal urinary diversion.
    Urologia. 2017;84:71-78.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  64. CHANG E, Sabichi AL, Sada YH
    Myasthenia Gravis After Nivolumab Therapy for Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder.
    J Immunother. 2017;40:114-116.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  65. LIZEE D, Salas RS, Barret E, Galiano M, et al
    Impact of neoadjuvant chemotherapy on complications of minimally invasive radical cystectomy.
    Actas Urol Esp. 2017;41:88-96.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  66. KANASHIRO A, Gaya JM, Palou J, Gausa L, et al
    Robot-assisted radical cystoprostatectomy: Analysis of the complications and oncological and functional aspects.
    Actas Urol Esp. 2017;41:267-273.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  67. LIU J, Bi J, Li Z, Li Z, et al
    miR214 reduces cisplatin resistance by targeting netrin1 in bladder cancer cells.
    Int J Mol Med. 2018 Jan 10. doi: 10.3892/ijmm.2018.3374.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  68. GLEICHENHAGEN J, Arndt C, Casjens S, Meinig C, et al
    Evaluation of a New Survivin ELISA and UBC((R)) Rapid for the Detection of Bladder Cancer in Urine.
    Int J Mol Sci. 2018;19.
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  69. BAKER SC, Arlt VM, Indra R, Joel M, et al
    Differentiation-associated urothelial cytochrome P450 oxidoreductase predicates the xenobiotic-metabolising activity of "luminal" muscle-invasive bladder cancers.
    Mol Carcinog. 2018 Jan 11. doi: 10.1002/mc.22784.
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  70. POLETAJEW S, Biernacki R, Buraczynski P, Chojnacki J, et al
    Predictors and prognostic implications of clinical decisions in patients with primary high-risk non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer - results of a cross country retrospective study.
    Neoplasma. 2018;65:147-152.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  71. GAO L, Yan P, Guo FF, Liu HJ, et al
    MiR-1-3p inhibits cell proliferation and invasion by regulating BDNF-TrkB signaling pathway in bladder cancer.
    Neoplasma. 2018;65:89-96.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  72. WANG B, Wan F, Sheng H, Zhu Y, et al
    Identification and validation of an 18-gene signature highly-predictive of bladder cancer metastasis.
    Sci Rep. 2018;8:374.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  73. GUO P, Zhang G, Meng J, He Q, et al
    Upregulation of long non-coding RNA TUG1 promotes bladder cancer cell 5 proliferation, migration and invasion by inhibiting miR-29c.
    Oncol Res. 2018 Jan 10. doi: 10.3727/096504018X15152085755247.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  74. ZHAI X, Xu W
    Long noncoding RNA ATB promotes proliferation, migration and invasion in bladder cancer by suppressing microRNA-126.
    Oncol Res. 2018 Jan 10. doi: 10.3727/096504018X15152072098476.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  75. WALKER M, Doiron RC, French SD, Feldman-Stewart D, et al
    Perioperative chemotherapy for bladder cancer: A qualitative study of physician knowledge, attitudes, and behaviour.
    Can Urol Assoc J. 2017 Dec 22. pii: cuaj.4791. doi: 10.5489/cuaj.4791.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  76. YOO CH
    The Author's Response: Bioinformatics Analysis in Downstream Genes of the mTOR Pathway to Predict Recurrence and Progression of Bladder Cancer.
    J Korean Med Sci. 2018;33:e32.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  77. LI C, Liu H, Xu Y
    Letter to the Editor: Bioinformatics Analysis in Downstream Genes of the mTOR Pathway to Predict Recurrence and Progression of Bladder Cancer.
    J Korean Med Sci. 2018;33:e31.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  78. LONG Q, Lin TY, Huang Y, Li X, et al
    Imaging-guided photo-therapeutic nanoporphyrin synergized HSP90 inhibitor in patient-derived xenograft bladder cancer model.
    Nanomedicine. 2018 Jan 6. pii: S1549-9634(17)30592.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  79. WANG F, Tang J, Li P, Si S, et al
    Chloroquine Enhances the Radiosensitivity of Bladder Cancer Cells by Inhibiting Autophagy and Activating Apoptosis.
    Cell Physiol Biochem. 2017;45:54-66.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  80. SALEM J, Paffenholz P, Bolenz C, von Brandenstein M, et al
    Websites on Bladder Cancer: an Appropriate Source of Patient Information?
    J Cancer Educ. 2018 Jan 8. pii: 10.1007/s13187-017-1316.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  81. VAN DER POL CB, Shinagare AB, Tirumani SH, Preston MA, et al
    Bladder cancer local staging: multiparametric MRI performance following transurethral resection.
    Abdom Radiol (NY). 2018 Jan 9. pii: 10.1007/s00261-017-1449.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  82. ZHANG L, Yang G, Chen H, Huang Y, et al
    Depletion of astrocyte elevated gene-1 suppresses tumorigenesis through inhibition of Akt activity in bladder cancer cells.
    Am J Transl Res. 2017;9:5422-5431.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  83. SAAD FT, Hincal E, Kaymakamzade B
    Dynamics of Immune Checkpoints, Immune System, and BCG in the Treatment of Superficial Bladder Cancer.
    Comput Math Methods Med. 2017;2017:3573082.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  84. GHATE K, Brennan K, Karim S, Siemens DR, et al
    Concurrent chemoradiotherapy for bladder cancer: Practice patterns and outcomes in the general population.
    Radiother Oncol. 2018 Jan 3. pii: S0167-8140(17)32764.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  85. COSTA-MARTINEZ MA, Prieto Vita M, Garces Proano LE, Carro Rubias C, et al
    [Neurofibromas in the urogenital system: Report of two cases and literature review.]
    Arch Esp Urol. 2017;70:796-799.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  86. JING Y, Zhang R, Ma P, Cai MC, et al
    Prevalence and clonality of synchronous primary carcinomas in the bladder and prostate.
    J Pathol. 2018;244:5-10.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  87. YU SS, Ballas LK, Skinner EC, Dorff TB, et al
    Immunotherapy in urothelial cancer, part 2: adjuvant, neoadjuvant, and adjunctive treatment.
    Clin Adv Hematol Oncol. 2017;15:543-551.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  88. PFARR N, Darb-Esfahani S, Leichsenring J, Taube E, et al
    Mutational profiles of Brenner tumors show distinctive features uncoupling urothelial carcinomas and ovarian carcinoma with transitional cell histology.
    Genes Chromosomes Cancer. 2017;56:758-766.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  89. NGUYEN VP, Park S, Oh J, Wook Kang H, et al
    Biocompatible astaxanthin as novel contrast agent for biomedical imaging.
    J Biophotonics. 2017;10:1053-1061.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  90. MAO XW, Xiao JQ, Li ZY, Zheng YC, et al
    Effects of microRNA-135a on the epithelial-mesenchymal transition, migration and invasion of bladder cancer cells by targeting GSK3beta through the Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway.
    Exp Mol Med. 2018;50:e429.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  91. LI YP, Jia XP, Jiang YQ, Wang W, et al
    Differential expression of cytokeratin 14 and 18 in bladder cancer tumorigenesis.
    Exp Biol Med (Maywood). 2018 Jan 1:1535370218754493.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  92. YANG HJ, Liu GL, Liu B, Liu T, et al
    GP73 promotes invasion and metastasis of bladder cancer by regulating the epithelial-mesenchymal transition through the TGF-beta1/Smad2 signalling pathway.
    J Cell Mol Med. 2018 Jan 19. doi: 10.1111/jcmm.13442.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  93. SINGH R, Mandhani A, Agrawal V, Garg M, et al
    Positive Correlation between Matrix Metalloproteinases and Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition and its Association with Clinical Outcome in Bladder Cancer Patients.
    Cancer Microenviron. 2018 Jan 18. pii: 10.1007/s12307-017-0199.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  94. JI L, Zhong B, Jiang X, Mao F, et al
    Actein induces autophagy and apoptosis in human bladder cancer by potentiating ROS/JNK and inhibiting AKT pathways.
    Oncotarget. 2017;8:112498-112515.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  95. WONG MCS, Fung FDH, Leung C, Cheung WWL, et al
    The global epidemiology of bladder cancer: a joinpoint regression analysis of its incidence and mortality trends and projection.
    Sci Rep. 2018;8:1129.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  96. PHELAN A, Lopez-Beltran A, Montironi R, Zhang S, et al
    Inherited forms of bladder cancer: a review of lynch syndrome and other inherited conditions.
    Future Oncol. 2018 Jan 18. doi: 10.2217/fon-2017-0346.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  97. KITCHEN MO, Bryan RT, Emes RD, Luscombe CJ, et al
    HumanMethylation450K Array-Identified Biomarkers Predict Tumour Recurrence/Progression at Initial Diagnosis of High-risk Non-muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer.
    Biomark Cancer. 2018;10:1179299X17751920.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  98. PATEL SG, Weiner AB, Keegan K, Morgan T, et al
    Oncologic outcomes in patients with nonurothelial bladder cancer.
    Indian J Urol. 2018;34:39-44.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  99. RAYN KN, Hale GR, Grave GP, Agarwal PK, et al
    New therapies in nonmuscle invasive bladder cancer treatment.
    Indian J Urol. 2018;34:11-19.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  100. CHOI JB, Lee EJ, Han KD, Hong SH, et al
    Estimating the impact of body mass index on bladder cancer risk: Stratification by smoking status.
    Sci Rep. 2018;8:947.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  101. MCCONKEY DJ, Choi W
    Subtyping Bladder Cancers: Biology vs Bioinformatics.
    J Natl Cancer Inst. 2018 Jan 12. pii: 4804358. doi: 10.1093.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  102. OGIHARA K, Kikuchi E, Watanabe K, Kufukihara R, et al
    Can urologists introduce the concept of "oligometastasis" for metastatic bladder cancer after total cystectomy?
    Oncotarget. 2017;8:111819-111835.
    Abstract     Related articles   

  103. WANG C, Chen L, Yang Y, Zhang M, et al
    Identification of bladder cancer prognostic biomarkers using an ageing gene-related competitive endogenous RNA network.
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